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Vision, Mission & Goals


Indisputable leader in experiential business education.

Overall Mission

Produce career-ready, global business leaders through hands on discovery and application

Research Mission

We conduct research that advances theory, informs practice, and improves our understanding of the complex interface between technology, human behavior, organizations and markets. Our research addresses real-world problems, involves students when appropriate, influences public and regulatory policies, and contributes to experiential-based learning.

Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Orfalea College of Business is committed to increasing diversity of abilities, social identities, and backgrounds by removing barriers to equal opportunity and ensuring everyone is treated with empathy, compassion and dignity. We listen to points of view that come from diverse social identities and lived experiences, and recognize that learning from each other is sometimes uncomfortable, but have no tolerance for intimidation or violence.

Overarching Goals

  • Academic Excellence (Demonstrated ability to consistently apply rigor and creativity when seeking solutions to problems of interest to students and faculty, and to the larger communities to which they belong.)
  • Professional and Ethical Student Development (The opportunity for students to develop their identity as they progress through and complete their college experience, measured by student retention, completion of the 5-point challenge, graduation, academic achievement, and placement.)
  • Industry Connectivity (Promote and maintain a multitude of opportunities for industry to advise and further the interests of students and faculty.)

Specific Strategic Goals

  1. Experiential Polytechnic Curriculum to Produce Future Leaders – College Wide and by Area
  2. Excellence in Interdisciplinary Polytechnic Undergraduate Programs
  3. Portfolio of Quality Graduate Programs
  4. Support Faculty and Staff Success
  5. Diverse and Inclusive Climate
  6. Quality Facilities to Support Academic Programs

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