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Green Light Program

What is it?

A special opportunity for incoming first-year students in the Business Administration major. The Green Light program enrolls qualified students in business courses that are traditionally taken in the sophomore and junior level years. These courses are specially chosen for freshmen who want to begin exploring the curriculum and career options in Business Administration right away. Due to the high demand of being a part of this thriving program, students are required to have exceptional math scores. The Green Light Business Program is designed to respond to the needs of first year students who want to start taking business courses and get involved in the Orfalea College of Business community. If you meet qualifying Math scores and want to study business, but need the opportunity to explore business disciplines earlier and make a more informed choice about their careers, this program is for you. Green Light Business Program will help students achieve their academic goals and successfully graduate in four years. Green Light is one of several ways that Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business faculty have created programs that produce career-ready graduates.

What are its benefits?

Students who participate in this unique freshmen experience will:

  • Build camaraderie with other Business students, and become part of a learning community or “cohort” where mutual sharing of educational opportunities enriches their first year experience.
  • Begin immediately to develop their business vocabulary and understanding.
  • Learn about the different concentrations in the Orfalea College (e.g. Information Systems and Accounting)
    and the career options for Business majors.
  • Get to know the professors in the Orfalea College.
  • Create early internship opportunities by taking important Business courses sooner.
  • Prepare to make better, more informed internship and career choices during their college careers.
  • Have the opportunity to postpone some of their general education courses to later years when they could be taken more thoughtfully, and perhaps as part of a study abroad program.

What do I do to enter the program?

Students will receive an email from Cal Poly’s Admissions communications arm requesting that the student indicate they wish to be entered in to the program. Those who meet math qualifications (below), and have returned that email indicating they are interested will be entered into the qualified pool for Green Light. Students will then actually be scheduled in to Fall’s Green Light first entry course. In subsequent quarters, (Winter & Spring), students enrolled in Fall Green Light will be given priority to register for the particular Green Light course offered that quarter.

Qualifying Math Scores:

  • A score of 600 or above on the mathematics section of the COLLEGE Board SAT I Reasoning Test Level I, IC (Calculator), II, or IIC (CALCULATOR)


  • A score of 30 or above on the American COLLEGE Testing Mathematics Test

Cal Poly’s automated registration system verifies that a student has one of these qualifications. Students will not be contacted about their interest in Green Light unless one of the qualifying test scores listed above is on file in the Office of Academic Records prior to registration. So, it’s important to get your SAT/ACT and ALL Advanced Placement Scores to Cal Poly right away!

A Year-Long Program

In the first year, students will take courses in information systems, economics, and accounting. Taking these courses freshmen year will position students to take introductory 300-level coursework in the various disciplines within the college (e.g., Marketing, Accounting)  sophomore year.

Fall Quarter 2014 Winter Quarter 2015 Spring Quarter 2015
Green Light Course ECON 222 BUS 207 BUS 391
Recommended: GE A1 A2 A3
GE D4 D1 with USCP B2 & B4
STAT 251 STAT 252 MATH 221

Watch your email account for this time sensitive information.

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