Mentor Connection

Orfalea’s Peer Mentoring Program

Through one-on-one peer support, we provide guidance, motivation, and accountability to Orfalea College of Business students for their social, personal, and academic aspirations at Cal Poly.


For more information, please contact:

Katelyn O’Brien
Assistant Director of Support Programs & Services | (805) 756-5295

This program is a free and voluntary service provided exclusively to Orfalea College of Business students. Mentor Connection aims to provide support for students in their social, personal, and academic acclimation to Cal Poly. Mentees who participate in this program are matched with an upperclassman Business Administration, Economics, or Industrial Technology & Packaging Peer Mentor who will guide you to meet your goals and provide you with guidance throughout the academic year.
This program is driven by the needs and goals of the Mentee. This program is highly recommended for first and second year students, transfer students, and students who may be experiencing challenges in their experience at Cal Poly.


As a Mentee, you’re expected to meet with your Peer Mentor once a week for one hour. Weekly mentoring sessions are determined by you and your Peer Mentor and can be held on any on-campus location. You will agree on a date, time, and location that will be applied weekly throughout each academic term.
During your weekly mentoring sessions, you will work with your Peer Mentor to establish your goals for the quarter, check in on progress towards your goals, and discuss opportunities and behaviors to develop that will help you reach your goals. The purpose of your mentoring sessions is to develop a relationship with your Peer Mentor, establish an organized plan for the quarter, and to collaborate with your Peer Mentor to create strategies for working towards your goals for the academic year.


  • Receive support and guidance in creating a personalized, goal-oriented plan for success in university life
  • Experience and knowledge about how to be a successful college student
  • Exposure to how to develop strategies for academic success, including: goal setting, study skills, time management practices, and career exploration
  • Information about curriculum, concentration options, campus involvement, and academic resources available within the Orfalea College of Business and across campus

Peer Mentors are extensively trained in the following:

  • Structuring an effective mentoring relationship, including establishing mentorship expectations, creating an inclusive environment, abiding by agreed upon mentoring relationship boundaries, and developing rapport
  • Recognizing sensitive situations and helping students identify campus resources and on-campus support systems
  • Assisting students in developing an individualized academic plan of action to hold them accountable to achieve their goals
  • Developing strategies for supporting unique student populations and empowering students through goal setting and value based techniques
  • Implementing effective questioning, communication styles, counseling skills, and motivational interviewing techniques
  • Providing opportunities for students to identify their strengths in relation to their academic and personal success
  • Providing opportunities for students to identify their strengths in relation to their academic and personal success



How do I sign-up to be a Mentee?

Click the button below and complete the online application: