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Industrial Technology & Packaging Major

The BS in industrial technology and packaging prepares students for careers that involve working with people and technology concurrently, particularly in settings where innovation and change are involved. Employment can be found in a variety of industries – manufacturing, communications, transportation and biomedical – but particularly in businesses and other organizations involved in global relationships and the implementation of new product or process technologies. Positions that graduates secure are quite varied – industrial sales, facilities management, production, quality management, packaging, supplier relations – with salaries at the higher end of bachelor’s level degree-holders. In addition to foundation courses, there are three themes that are woven together within the coursework that is required of all industrial technology and packaging majors: packaging; value chain management; and technology entrepreneurship. Packaging courses provide students with knowledge and hands-on experience in packaging design, testing and production. Courses in the value chain management area focus on supplier relations, distribution, operations management and related quality management. Technology entrepreneurship course materials address issues of product design, venture development, and new business strategy.

Packaging Minor

The purpose of this interdisciplinary minor is to complement the student’s degree major with a planned curriculum in packaging. The program is designed to capitalize on theories and skills learned in other disciplines, thereby uniquely preparing students for success as packaging professionals in positions ranging from highly technical research and development through purchasing, production, sales, and management.

Industrial Technology Minor

This minor is an interdisciplinary program. Students learn about the technical, social and business issues related to the use of new technology and how the technology is integrated into corporate operations. The minor appeals to students who are majoring in non-technical disciplines.

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