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Industrial Technology & Packaging

Industrial Technology & Packaging

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Industrial Technology & Packaging


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Eric Olsen
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Sandy Edar

Industrial Technology & Packaging

As a discipline with broad applications, Industrial Technology & Packaging offers flexible career paths and work styles.




About Industrial Technology & Packaging

The industrial technology and packaging program incorporates a broad range of technical/business management skills and knowledge to cultivate best-in-class industrial leaders. The collaborative, project-based classes create well-rounded problem solving graduates that would be successful and quickly functional in any industry. Students develop strong foundations in the sciences and liberal arts, business and management, as well as extensive hands-on skills industrial operations and packaging. The program meets the needs of industry for people who know technology, who know and work well with people and who can manage the processes of change.

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In Memoriam

Michael Frederick Kullman
Industrial Technology and Packaging Student
President, Industrial Technology Society
September 28, 1998  –  January 4, 2019

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