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  1. Aucejo, Estaban M. and Jonathan James, (2017) “Catching Up to Girls: Understanding the Gender Imbalance in Educational Attainment Within Race.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1701.
  2. Doremus, Jacqueline, (2017) “Unintended Impacts: How roads change health and nutrition for ethnic minorities in Congo.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1702.
  3. Cole, Matthew T., James Lake, and Benjamin Zissimos, (2017) “Contesting an International Trade Agreement.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1703.


  1. Cole, Matthew T., Ronald B. Davies, and Todd Kaplan, (2016) “Protection in Government Procurement Auctions.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1601.
  2. Aucejo, Esteban M. and Jonathan James, (2016) “The Path to College Education: Are Verbal Skills More Important than Math Skills?” Cal Poly Working Paper 1602.
  3. Shafran, Aric P., (2016) “Urban Sprawl and the Public Provision of Fire Suppression.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1603.
  4.  Cole, Matthew T. and Carsten Eckel, (2016) “Tariffs and Markups in Retailing.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1604.
  5. Fischer, Stefanie, (2016) “The Downside of Good Peers: How Classroom Composition Differentially Affects Men’s and Women’s STEM Persistence.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1605.
  6. Fischer, Stefanie and Daniel Argyle, (2016) “Juvenile Crime and the Four-Day School Week.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1606.
  7. Allison, Blake and Jason Lepore, (2016) “Price Competition with Decreasing Returns-to-Scale: A General Model of Bertrand-Edgeworth Duopoly.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1607.
  8. Allison, Blake, Adib Bagh, and Jason Lepore, (2016) “Simple Sufficient Conditions for Weak Reciprocal Upper Semi-Continuity in Extended Games.” Cal Poly Working Paper 1608.



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