Withdrawal Process

Prior to pursuing the Orfalea College of Business Withdrawal Process, we encourage you to review this FAQ Document. This document outlines factors, deadlines, and options to consider for the Withdrawal Process.

Steps to Withdrawing From a Course/Term

  1. Review the Withdrawal Policy.
  2. Pick up the appropriate form from the Office of the Registrar and fill it out completely.
    For course withdrawals, be sure the instructor has signed the form and made comments as to your performance in the class (attendance, test scores, progress, etc).
  3. Contact Orfalea Student Services to schedule an appointment with a Professional Academic Advisor.
  4. Fill out the appropriate information by clicking on the appropriate box below before coming to Orfalea Student Services for your scheduled appointment.

After submitting this form, the next step is to meet with a Professional Academic Advisor in Orfalea Student Services.


For a full list of commonly used forms within the College of Business, view our Forms page.