Study Abroad Peer Advisor Team

Come into Student Services and meet with our Study Abroad Peer Advisor Team! We are excited to talk to you about studying abroad, can help you petition for major, concentration, and support course requirements, understand the pre-approved course list, and can explain the differences between our programs. We also love talking about our own experiences! Depending on your questions, come by drop in hours or make an appointment!


Seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, making global personal and business connections, and developing cultural intelligence are all part of personal growth and a textured, well-rounded education.  It embodies Cal Poly’s philosophy of “learn by doing”.

Being first generation in the United States, studying International Relations and an undergrad student, working for a study abroad organization, teaching World History, and coaching international athletes from around the world inspired me to continue working with Cal Poly students who have an intense curiosity in the greater world environment. I love to engage in all types of conversations about travel, international experiences, and great global friendships.

I studied abroad in Germany and continue to love to travel.  Additional countries I have visited are: France, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Lichtenstein, Poland, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada.


I originally planned to study abroad in Madrid, Spain with CEA in Fall 2020. I absolutely love exploring new places, meeting new people, and eating delicious food, so taking advantage of the study abroad opportunity at Cal Poly has always been my goal. Although my plans didn’t work out, I have not given up hope that I will be able to live out my dream of being abroad and seeing the world. Despite the fact that I have not completed a study abroad program, I still feel so passionate about encouraging you to find a program and experience a life-changing adventure that you’ll remember forever. I cannot recommend studying abroad enough!


Students should study abroad because of how easy it is! There are plenty of scholarships and financial aid available and students can easily stay on track. I wanted to be on the study abroad team to help OCOB students find major/concentration/support courses they could take abroad to make academic progress while having fun abroad. I have now tried to study abroad unsuccessfully twice (!) but have been to six different countries in Europe and plan to study abroad Fall 2022 during my senior year.


Studying abroad allows students to immerse themselves into a culture in ways we cannot get post graduate! Being a part of the study abroad team allows us to share in students’ excitements while planning out their abroad classes. So far I have only visited two countries outside of the U.S. but I am planning to visit many more in the future! Currently, I am hoping to study abroad Fall 2022 through the Milan Exchange Program.


I believe that everyone should study abroad! Studying abroad gives you countless opportunities that you are unable to get at Cal Poly. Our office works hard to provide students with support while embarking on their abroad journey. Traveling has always been a huge part of my life. I have been to over 10 countries and hope to get the opportunity to visit even more! I was originally hoping to be abroad right now, but I am now hoping to study abroad in Fall 2022 in Barcelona.


In my opinion, traveling is the best form of education. Stepping outside of your bubble gives you the chance to realign your compass while gaining new perspectives. Working on the study abroad team has given me the opportunity to assist students in making their travel aspirations come to fruition. I am looking to study abroad in Spain either Fall of 2022 or post-graduation.