International Business Exchange Programs


Take major coursework –  Orfalea’s 4 International Business Exchange Programs offer students the opportunity to take major coursework and make significant academic progress towards their degree for up to one year.

Looking for a culturally immersive experience? Unlike many other study abroad experiences, exchanges allow students to directly enroll into universities abroad and build meaningful relationships with local students and faculty.

Exchanges are Affordable! Exchanges are one of the most affordable study abroad options because students continue to pay Cal Poly tuition! Although you will have other costs such as housing, food, and travel, your study abroad experience will be comparable to attending Cal Poly. Plus, all financial aid applies!

Learn more about our 4 exchange locations by clicking the links below!

HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences – Munich, Germany
HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences offers students within the College of Business an opportunity to take Business Administration courses while studying in the heart of Munich.
University of Milan – Milan, Italy

The University of Milan offers opportunities for students in the College of Business: Management and Human Resources concentrations only to study courses in their concentration for a quarter. This exchange is not open to students from other colleges.

Stockholm School of Economics – Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm School of Economics is one of Europe’s leading business schools, with a unique business-community network. Their research is internationally recognized and many of their researchers are among the leading figures in their respective fields.
Solvay School of Economics – Brussels, Belgium 

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management currently holds a leading position in Europe for research and education in the fields of Economics and Management. The school‘s core mission is to train business leaders and entrepreneurs with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing nature of Society and to shape tomorrow’s world.