Peer Advising Hiring

Job Description

Peer Advisors are trained to help students within the Orfalea College of Business. Peer Advisors are key players in the retention of students as well as improving and maintaining graduation rates. Some of the main responsibilities of a Peer Advisor include taking appointments regarding scheduling, studying abroad, and other topics. The Peer Advising position provides many opportunities to directly impact students and the Orfalea College of Business as a whole.

How to Apply

** Application opens December 10th and closes January 12th **

  1. Attend an information session on one of the following dates:
    • December 7 | 03-209 | 12 pm
    • January 8 | 03-209 | 11 am
    • January 9 | 03-205 | 6 pm
    • January 11 | 03-209 | 12 pm
  2. Submit the job application found on this page
    • Applications will open December 10 and close January 12 at 11:59 pm.
    • Note: Applications can be submitted before or after attending an information session
    • You will need to submit a cover letter and resumé.
      • In addition to what is included in a general cover letter, please address the following questions:
        • Why are you interested in becoming a Peer Advisor?
        • How would being a Peer Advisor align with your professional/career, personal, and/or academic goals?
  3. Prepare for the interviews
    • First Round Interviews: January 22 & 23
    • Second Round Interviews: February 1