Orfalea OutREACH



Orfalea OutREACH aims to support staff, faculty, parents and supporters, student leaders, and students through an internal online referral system. Orfalea OutREACH was initially designed in Fall Quarter 2014, in an effort to educate members of the Orfalea community in identifying student risk factors with the goal to deliver individualized support and appropriate services to students.


The purpose of Orfalea OutREACH is to allow a member of the Orfalea community to submit a referral on behalf of a student of concern. The referral form collects information about a student of concern, including risk factors recognized within and outside of the classroom. By doing so, our goal is to support students by delivering timely follow-up, educating them on their academic options, and intervening before their situations develop further.

Staff, faculty, parents and supporters, student leaders, and students are eligible to access the referral system and are encouraged to submit a referral on behalf of any student they develop a concern for. Information provided in the referral will be used to determine specialized outreach and strategy for developing an intervention for the referred student.

Referral Process 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Advising Staff manage all submitted referral forms being submitted to evaluate previous communications or interactions made with the student.

Due to the Orfalea Student Services extensive appointment preparation and follow-up internal note-taking system, each student who has sought services through Orfalea Student Services has detailed notes regarding their most recent appointment and other academic record information.

Outreach and interventions are designed to provide timely follow-up, based on the severity of students’ situations and strategies for intervening in an effective manner.

A referral can be a critical step in assessing the needs of the student in order to provide them with the support needed for their specific situation.

This system’s purpose is to identify students who may not practice seeking help or resources independently.

The outreach and support provided by the Professional Advising Staff introduces the student to the services, programs, and resources provided by Orfalea Student Services and the Cal Poly campus.

As a result of submitting a referral, staff, faculty, and students can ensure a student’s specific and unique needs can be addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

In the situation that student is in crisis, the student will be given immediate support and referred to the appropriate resource.

This referral system is expected to enhance student academic performance, as well as increase retention and student engagement.

For more information, please contact:

Amy Carter
Assistant Dean of Student Success
acarte13@calpoly.edu | (805) 756-2940