About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and problem solvers who dive into new challenges and make their own way. The Entrepreneurship Concentration is designed to foster this type of innovation and ambition. With an interdisciplinary curriculum and plenty of hands-on learning experiences, you’ll have options to personalize your education and gain a variety of skills tailored for your passions.

You can leverage your personal strengths and pursue your unique goals by choosing one of the concentration’s several pathways:

Take a look at the 2020-21 courses to find a path that works for you:

BUS 310 Introduction to Entrepreneurship FWS
BUS 418 Listening to the Customer FWS
BUS 436 Entrepreneurial Finance FWS
BUS 488

Planning & Managing New Ventures

New title for 2019-2021 Catalog: Building a Startup Skill Set

(choose the section that fits your senior project, see below)


BUS 347 or

ITP 428 or

ITP 406

Professional Selling Skills (for students enrolled in the Sales Minor)

Commercialization of New Technologies

Professional Technical Selling




BUS 311 Managing Technology in the International Legal Environment WS
BUS 392 Business Application Development FWS
BUS 450

Current Topics in Marketing: Sales Practicum

(for students enrolled in the Sales Minor)

BUS 451 New Product Development & Launch TBD
BUS 458 Solving Big World Challenges S
BUS 470 Entrepreneurship Through Disruptive Technologies W
BUS 476 Leading Social Innovation in Organizations S
BUS 487

Launching & Growing the Technology Startup

(permission only, see senior project option #2 below)

BUS 489 Negotiation FW
ENGR 234 Introduction to Design Thinking FW
ITP 326 Product Design & Development FS

Senior Project Options

Senior projects give you a chance to take everything you’ve learned along your educational path and apply it as you launch or help grow a startup. It’s what Learn by Doing is all about.

Option 1: This option matches you with an existing startup, most of which are working out of the HotHouse. You’ll work alongside the founding team to build relationships with customers and to grow the company.

  • FALL: Enroll in BUS 488-01 (Metcalf): Building a Startup Skill Set (required Entrepreneurship concentration course)
  • WINTER: Enroll in BUS 464 (Metcalf) Permission # required.

Option 2: This option teams you up with engineering students—along with a few creatives thrown into the mix—to develop and launch a business. Teams are encouraged to compete for Innovation Quest ($5k, $10k, and $15k) and a slot in the Summer Accelerator ($10k).

  • FALL: Enroll in BUS 488-02 (Townsend): Building a Startup Skill Set (required Entrepreneurship concentration course). Permission # required.
  • WINTER: Enroll in BUS 487 (Townsend): Launching & Growing the Technology Startup (Entrepreneurship concentration elective) Permission # required.
  • SPRING: Enroll in BUS 464 (Townsend). Permission # required.