Digital Signage

Digital Signage Submission Process

Please submit Digital Signage requests to the form below

Specific Digital Signage Requests

Business Clubs & Other University Organizations:

To promote an event on the OCOB Digital Signage system, please include the following:

  • Sign completed to the best of your ability
  • Name and logo of department or organization sponsoring the event
  • Start and end date you would like the sign to be run
    • If multiple dates are known include all information and specify
  • Any other essential information (cost, etc.)

Refer to content guidelines for more information

Content Guidelines


  • Submit file as JPEG. Flash animations may also be accepted in .SWF format
    • Attach any relevant pictures or logos
    • File size must be less than 6 MB
    • Use “landscape page orientation”
      • 1920 x 1080, 72dpi resolution for Adobe programs

Images & Logos

  • Use high-resolution images (JPEGs) or vector graphics (PNG, EPS, SVG)
  • Resolution must be more than 300 x 300
  • Cal Poly and OCOB logos may only appear in Cal Poly green, all black, or all white.
  • Logos must be in proportion (do not stretch or condense).

Text & Fonts

  • Use clear, concise text. A general benchmark is 6 words (or less across) and no more than 4 lines of text going down.
  • Use clean, basic fonts. Some suggested fonts are…
    • Avenir (Mac only), Calibri, Cambria (PC only), Myriad Pro, Times New Roman
    • To ensure readability, please use at least a 40-point font size.
    • Font color should strongly contrast the background color.


  • Content should be submitted at least a week and a half before the date of the event.
  • Content will be posted within one week of submission.  You will be contacted within 48 hours if further information or changes are required.
    • If content does not meet guidelines or is not submitted far enough in advance it will not be posted.
    • Dated content will be circulated through the digital signage playlist for a maximum of one week prior to the event.
    • For recurring events, slides must be resubmitted prior to each subsequent occurrence.

The Orfalea College of Business Digital Signage system is intended for content that supports the mission of the college and of Cal Poly.  We ask that submissions comply with all federal and state laws, university policies, and relevant contracts and licensing agreements.  Please do not release any third party information without permission.