OCOB Alumni Mentoring Program

The Orfalea College of Business Alumni Mentoring Program aims to provide career-related support to Orfalea students who are interested in developing skills to launch career exploration and enhance career-readiness.

Through a student-alumni mentoring partnership, Orfalea students are able to foster connections with industries of interest, strengthen career-readiness skills, and build professional strategies in order to become competitive candidates for in-demand internship and job opportunities in specific fields of interest.

Alumni Mentors:

Ranging from Business Administration, Economics, and Industrial Technology alumni, Orfalea’s Alumni Mentors possess a passion and care for giving back to the Orfalea College of Business. Career Coaches utilize this opportunity to contribute to the lives of current students by helping them engage in professional experiences, determine their career goals, and assist them in beginning to charter their trajectory to career success.

Mentors currently serve in a variety of positions across diverse and widespread business sectors, including companies such as Oracle, Apple, Armanino, PwC, Cisco Systems, Adobe, MindBody, Texas Instruments, Glassdoor, and Deloitte.

We have two types of mentors in this program: Executive Partner (10+ years of experience) and Young Alumni (1-10 years experience). Students can select the type of career coach they prefer, based on their own interests and goals within the program.


  • Complete a minimum of one session per month with each mentee
  • Mentoring sessions range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and can he held via phone, video call, or in person. If meeting remotely, we highly encourage video conferencing to build your relationship.

Student Application – 2023-2024

If you would like to apply to participate in the Alumni Mentoring Program, you can fill out the application below and Mallory, Program Coordinator, will be in touch with next steps.

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator:

Mallory Stoffel
Coordinator, Career Readiness Center | Career Readiness Advisor
mlstoffe@calpoly.edu | 805-756-1623