Student Ambassadors

Ambassador Flyer 2019-2020


Attend an information session on one of the following dates to be eligible:

Thursday 1/9 | 11 – 12 pm | 03-305
Friday 1/10 | 9 – 10 am | 03-305
Monday 1/13 | 9 – 10 am | 03-305
Wednesday 1/15 | 9 – 10 am | 186-C200 (Construction Innovations Center)
Thursday 1/16 | 11 – 12 pm | 03-305

Thursday 1/16 | 6 – 7 pm | 03-303

** Application opens January 6th at 8 am and closes January 17th at midnight **

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Give tours to prospective students and supporters
  • Give special tours to VIP guests (Executives in Residence) and visiting school groups
  • Impact the lives of potential students, make connections with faculty and potential employers, and become an involved leader within OCOB!

Orfalea Student Ambassadors Program Statement 

We, the Orfalea Student Ambassadors, are a passionate, highly-motivated community of students selected to represent and advocate for the Orfalea College of Business. The Orfalea College of Business Student Ambassador program serves as the college’s premier externally facing student group. Student Ambassadors spend their time promoting the college and the university to potential students and industry executives alike through many mediums. Ambassadors give tours to all groups, organize and facilitate professional development programming for students, and travel to companies as representatives of the college. We invite visitors to see the potential of our school, in order to create long lasting partnerships. Ambassadors lead by example, promoting values of inclusivity and transparency throughout the establishment. As a result, guests are provided a unique glimpse into a genuine Orfalea College of Business experience that is relatable to a diverse group of visitors. We give our time because we believe in the Orfalea College of Business experience, and appreciate how it has shaped us.

Ambassadors Group photo
Student Ambassadors
Name Major Concentration
Alexis Angel Business Administration Information Systems
Carly Auerbach Business Administration Marketing
Christian Cannon Business Administration Information Systems
John Castle Business Administration Entrepreneurship
Claire Chatelain Business Administration Management & Human Resources
Adam Czerny Business Administration Accounting and Finance
Vince Desantis Business Administration Information Systems
Zach Dougherty Business Administration Accounting and Finance
Christian Ford Business Administration Accounting and Finance
Bridget Fyson Business Administration Marketing and Accounting
Sami Von Gober Business Administration Finance
Peter Hajali Business Administration Finance
Eric Homan Business Administration Finance
Kyle Illanez Business Administration Finance
Sam Jones Industrial Technology & Packaging Operations
Carey Kocur Business Administration Accounting
David Lee Economics Quantitative Analysis
Miles Loef Business Administration Finance
Maxim Kalinkin Business Administration Finance
Jamie Metz Economics Marketing
Miriam Abdoh Business Administration Information Systems - Sales Minor
Ted Papa Business Administration Finance
Shivani Rangwala Business Administration Marketing
Max Sands Economics Quantitative Analysis
Samantha Tucci Business Administration Entrepreneurship
Kristina Xiong Business Administration Undeclared