Academic Advising

Who We Are

Orfalea Student Services offers academic advising to support students in academic-related concerns such as course planning, registration, studying abroad, changing majors, and much more.


The Orfalea College of Business Student Services is currently providing virtual and in-person services to ensure that current students have the full support that they need so that the timeline to degree completion is not compromised. We are available via email, phone, in-person drop-ins (virtual on Fridays), and appointments. Visit the Academic Advising tab for more information on how to meet with an advisor.
Note: Orfalea Student Services aims to foster a professional, inclusive environment. Please enter our office with respectful language, backgrounds, and appropriate attire.

Winter Hours of Operation

During Winter 2023, our office will be available to meet any time during our hours of operation. On Monday-Thursday, we are available via in-person drop-ins, virtual or in-person appointments, email, and phone. On Fridays, we operate fully virtually.

  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 9 am – 4 pm
  • Tuesday: 10 am – 4 pm
  • Friday: 9 am – 3 pm (Friday is virtual only)

Winter Quarter Finals Week: Our office will be open (in-person) Monday – Thursday from 10:30 am – 1:30 pm.

Peer Advisors

Meet with a Peer Advisor to discuss degree progress, curriculum, registration, course planning, study abroad, change of major, or any other general academic concerns. Orfalea Student Services aims to foster a professional, inclusive environment. Please join the office with respectful language and appropriate attire. For current Cal Poly OCOB students only.

Drop-In Advising

Anytime during our hours of operation, you may call or meet with us for drop-in advising. On Monday-Thursday, drop-ins are in-person only, and on Fridays, drop-ins are virtual only. Come in to interact with a Peer Advisor to get quick answers to your advising-related questions or time sensitive concerns. For academic advising including degree progress, graduation plan, etc., please schedule an appointment.
Note: If you have submitted a form that requires advisor approval, meet with a Professional Academic Advisor (found at the bottom of this page).

General Advising Appointment

For more in-depth curriculum advising, senior graduation checks, graduation plans and more extensive academic advising, schedule an appointment with a Peer Advisor for general advising, using the link below. ITP students may also schedule an appointment with an ITP-specific Peer Advisor using the link below. Our office is currently taking both virtual and in-person appointments.
Open to all OCOB students who are in their second year and beyond.
First-year students may meet with an advisor in the First-Year Advising Center.

Note: Our office is able to take two appointments at a time during weeks 8-9. If you cannot find a time that works for you at the link below, please email our office at for additional availability.

Change of Major Advising

If you are interested in changing your major into the College of Business, please visit our Changing Major page for more information. Please email our office at to discuss changing your major, or come into drop-ins in our office (03-100) or through the Zoom link above (Fridays are virtual) to schedule an appointment.

Study Abroad Advising

If you are interested in studying abroad, refer to our Study Abroad page for help in planning. Please email our office at to discuss studying abroad, or come into drop-ins in our office (03-100) or through the Zoom link above (Fridays are virtual) to schedule an appointment.

Professional Academic Advisors

Professional Academic Advisors are available to provide in-depth personal counseling for sensitive, critical, or complex academic concerns. For current Cal Poly students only.

Drop-In Advising

Professional Academic Advising Drop-In hours are available for students with quick questions or who need forms signed (Meeting ID: 81446907160).

Professional Staff Drop-In advising is available Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

Professional Academic Advising Appointment

If you would like to meet with a professional academic advisor for more in-depth counseling, please view the Professional Academic Advising Team below and schedule an appointment with the advisor whose areas of expertise best fit your specific concerns.


Yovani Alexander
Academic Advisor & MBP

Contact Yovani

Areas of Expertise

  • Multicultural Business Program
  • Enrollment Management & Support to Students/Faculty
  • Student Marketing, Communications & Newsletter
  • Sensitive Student Concerns

Christine Gray
Academic Advisor

Areas of Expertise

  • Peer Advising Program
  • ASPIRE Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator
  • Academic Probation & Disqualification Support
  • OCOB Study Abroad Initiatives & Programs
  • OCOB International Student Advising

Chris Ainsworth
Academic Advisor

Areas of Expertise

  • Change of Major Process
  • Transfer Student Support & Advising
  • Readmitted Student Advising
  • Cal Poly Scholars Liaison

First-Year Advising

Our office is only taking appointments with OCOB students in their second year and beyond. If you are a first-time freshman, you will meet with the professional advisors in the First Year Advising Center throughout your freshman year. We look forward to meeting with you in your second year, on through to graduation and the culmination of your degree, and beyond.

First-Year Block Scheduling

Cal Poly uses block scheduling for all first-time freshmen. First-year students are enrolled in a full-time schedule of courses in their Fall quarter, and partial schedules in Winter and Spring. Click the link below to learn more about block scheduling in the College of Business.

Graduating in the next few quarters? Check out our Senior Information page for information on senior projects, GWR, commencement, career resources, and a graduation checklist to help you stay on track!

Returning Students

We are so glad you would like to finish your degree! To learn more about returning to the College of Business, please refer to the page linked below.

Career Advising

The Orfalea College of Business has its own advising center to support students with career readiness. If you would like advising on any concerns relating to post-graduation and careers, please refer to the Career Readiness Center.

Peer Tutoring

Taking a difficult class? Cal Poly’s Writing and Learning Center offers free individual and small-group tutoring sessions for various major and support courses. Students can connect with a peer tutor who can help promote their success in a course. Tutoring sessions are held virtually.

Registration Resources

If you need help figuring out how to register for class, including adding, dropping, waitlisting, and swapping courses, you can come into drop-in hours with our Peer Advisors. Alternatively, you can access the registration resources made available by the Office of the Registrar. Click the link below for an overview of these resources and more details on registration tools.