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What is a Block Schedule?

The Office of the Registrar schedules first year students in degree applicable courses across the entirety of their first year. This initiative ensures all freshmen receive a full-time schedule in Fall Quarter 2018 and a part-time schedule in Winter & Spring Quarter 2019. Courses that are included in block schedules are classes chosen by the student’s major department. Block schedules are comprised of:

  • Major: classes required for your major
  • Support: classes meant to support the material that you learn for your major.
  • General education (GE): classes help students reach across disciplines to provide them with a breadth of experiences.

OCOB Block Schedule – Winter & Spring 2019:

All first-year students within the Orfalea College of Business will be blocked into 8-9 units for Winter & Spring Quarter 2019. The 8 units you will be block enrolled into include major and support courses only.

For details on university wide first year block scheduling, visit

Some reasons why you may be block scheduled into a course:

  • The course is best taken during your first year.
  • The courses may be difficult to get during your first year if you are not blocked into it.
  • There is sufficient capacity to enroll you in a designated course.

Some reasons why you may NOT be block scheduled into a course:

  • There are no major or support courses that MUST be taken during your first year.
  • Your department would like to provide flexibility for you to choose when to take your major and support courses.
  • Seats in some major courses may be reserved for students in that major, to assist with registration.
  • You may have already fulfilled the course that students will be blocked into.
  • There is not sufficient capacity to enroll you in a designated course.

Courses considered for block scheduling differ by major. See below for a list of courses students in their first-year may be blocked into. Note that although efforts will be made to block students in the courses listed below, they are not guaranteed during any given quarter.

Business Administration Economics Industrial Technology & Packaging
BUS 206

BUS 207

BUS 214

BUS 215

STAT 251

STAT 252

ECON 221

ECON 222

BUS 206

BUS 207

BUS 214

ECON 221

ECON 222

MATH 141

STAT 301

STAT 302

BUS 206

ITP 211

ITP 233

BUS 206

BUS 214

ECON 222

MATH 141

MATH 221

CHEM 124

CHEM 127


Winter Quarter 2019 block scheduling will begin on Oct. 24th.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I have been block scheduled into two courses. What should I do now?
    • It is recommended that you enroll in 12-16 units each quarter, so you will need to add additional classes to your schedule to meet these unit recommendations. In order to be a full-time student, you will need to be enrolled in at least 12 units. To stay on track for graduation, students average 16 units per quarter. You will register for additional classes during your scheduled first round registration appointment. This date can be found in your Student Center on the same day that Plan a Student Schedule (PASS) is available (Oct. 24th).
  2. Will I still be able to get classes if I’m not block scheduled?
    • Yes, many departments in the Orfalea College of Business reserve seats in courses for majors within our college during registration appointments. Also, as a first-year student, you will have more GE, major, and support courses to choose from to create a full schedule.
  3. How do I add additional classes? When can I add more classes?
    • You can find demonstrations on how to register for classes here: View Demonstrations
    • Get support in BUS 100 on course selection, registration, and advising tools. For additional support, seek support from your BUS 100 Instructor during their Fall 2018 office hours.
    • Plan to attend the OCOB Registration Workshop on Oct. 30th at 6:10 pm in Yosemite Hall.
    • Find your scheduled registration date in your Student Center on when PASS opens on October 24th.
    • Seek academic advising from Orfalea Student Services.
  4. Can I change my block schedule?
    1. It is not recommended that you drop any classes from your block schedule. Trust the block.
    2. You were blocked into a course because it will set you up for early degree progress within your major.
    3. If you are planning to change your major, you feel you already have credit for that course, or have another reason for not taking that course, please contact Orfalea Student Services to speak with an advisor before you make any adjustments to your block schedule.
  1. My block schedule has classes that are not on my flowchart for the first year. Is that okay?
    • Yes. Your flowchart is a suggested guide to follow. You do not need to take courses in the exact order outlined on your flowchart.
    • Your department may have chosen to block you into a course earlier than your flowchart because that course can be difficult to get.
  • The class(es) I have been blocked into conflict with my personal schedule. What should I do?
    • All attempts will be made to avoid known Cal Poly athletic schedules.
    • You will be able to make necessary changes to your schedule during your first round registration appointment as noted in your Student Center. If you are blocked into any major courses, we recommend you talk with an advisor prior to making changes.
    • Note that if you drop a course, there is no guarantee you would be able to get into another specific course. We recommend using the SWAP feature, “Swap, Not Drop.”
    • If you have a job or other conflicts with your block schedule, Orfalea Student Services can help you develop an alternative schedule.
  • What should I put in my PolyPlanner?
    • Once you complete registration, adjust your PolyPlan to reflect the courses you were blocked into and any additional courses you added to your schedule. Then plan the following two quarters with courses from your flowchart or from your BUS 100 4 Year Plan.
    • Your PolyPlan should always be updated each quarter to reflect your actual course enrollment for that quarter and your plans for subsequent quarters.
    • Read more about PolyPlanner requirements and deadlines at PolyPlanner

If you have any other questions or concerns about your block schedule or registration, please contact Orfalea Student Services.


Special Exception and New Undergraduate Students November 6 November 30
Graduate Students November 7 November 30
Academic Progress Level IV (75.1% – 100%) November 8-9 December 3
Academic Progress Level III (45.1% – 75%) November 13-14 December 4
Academic Progress Level II (20.1% – 45%) November 15-16 December 5
Academic Progress Level I (0% – 20%) November 26-28 December 6
PolyPlanner Non-Compliant November 29 December 7


  • See your Student Center for specific day and time of registration appointment
  • First round Registration Appointments continue through November 29, 2018
  • Open Enrollment for All Students (Continuing and New) December 8, 2018 – January 4, 2019
  • Refer to your PolyProfile on your Cal Poly Portal for your Academic Progress Gauge.

Steps to Enroll:

Step 1: Review Internship Credit Guidelines

Step 2: Download and complete Internship Contract

Step 3: Email Completed Contract to

  • Orfalea Student Services will provide a permission code to enroll in BUS 430/IT 419 providing that all portions of the contract are complete and accurate.

Step 4: Enroll in course through Student Center using permission number provided.

  • After enrolling in the course, you’ll be added to a PolyLearn.


Steps to receive credit:

Step 1: Upload Completed Progress Report 1 by deadline specified

Step 2: Upload Completed Progress Report 2 by deadline specified

Step 3: Upload Final Report to PolyLearn by date specified

  • Skip this step if you choose to extend your internship (see ‘Extending your Internship” process below).

Step 4: Work with employer to complete Employer Report and upload to PolyLearn by date specified

  • Skip this step if you choose to extend your internship (see ‘Extending your Internship” process below).


Extending Your Internship?

Step 1: In place of completing your final and employer report, complete Extending Your Internship Contract and email to

  • Student Services will respond with a permission code to enroll in BUS 430/IT 419 providing that all portions of the contract are complete and accurate.
  • Once enrolled in the course, you’ll be added to a PolyLearn.

Step 2: Complete additional Progress Report 1, additional Progress Report 2, Final Report and Employer Report via PolyLearn by dates specified.



If you have any questions, please reach out to Orfalea Student Services.

Location: Building 03, Room 100
Phone: (805) 756-2601

For those students interested in looking for internships/co-ops, please see Career Services for more information and browse Mustang Jobs. You can also visit your concentration department on the fourth floor of the Orfalea College of Business, Building 03, for information specific to your concentration.

BUS 100 Student Orientation and College Success

CR/NC, 2 units

Term Offered: Fall Quarter
Orientation to majors, minors, and concentrations within the Orfalea College of Business. Development of a personalized four-year plan to graduation. Career exploration for future career planning and concentration selection. Skills for academic success: goal setting, time management, study skills, registration systems/strategies, adjustment to college life.

BUS 206 Business Professionalism and Career Readiness I

CR/NC, 1 unit

Term Offered: Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters
Career development and preparation which includes self exploration, interpersonal communication, job functions and opportunities for different business disciplines, and formulation of career development plans. Application of technology for personal marketing plan and career development.

BUS 306 Business Professionalism and Career Readiness II

CR/NC, 1 unit

Term Offered: Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters
Prerequisite: BUS 206.
Continuation of BUS 206, with interpersonal leadership, networking, business communication, salary and benefit negotiations, and professional image management.