Kim Westermann Presents Research at Regulatory Training

This February, Accounting Professor Kim Westermann did something only four other academics have achieved in the past 16 years: she presented research at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) Annual Inspectors Training.

Established by Congress, the PCAOB oversees all audits of public companies and compiles their findings into independent, objective audit reports. These reports protect investors by ensuring that the audits informing their investments are accurate and fair. The PCAOB is the nation’s foremost authority in public company auditing. Before its formation in 2002, the auditor profession was self-regulated.

Westermann was invited by the PCAOB  to present her research – titled PCAOB Inspections: Public Accounting Firms on ‘Trial’ – to over 150 inspectors at the regulatory training.

Westermann’s presentation helped to further establish Cal Poly’s Accounting program as a contributor to innovative research and career preparation while garnering accolades from some of the most important and influential professionals in the Accounting field.

PCAOB Inspections: Public Accounting Firms on ‘Trial’ is forthcoming in Contemporary Accounting Research.

Read more about the PCAOB on their website.