The Fourth Annual Cal Poly Analytics Forum

The Fourth Annual Cal Poly Analytics Forum brings together industry leaders, Cal Poly professors and students, along with other interested parties from academia and the corporate world to discuss analytics trends, practical applications, the field as a profession, and its place in the future of business.

It is hosted by the Cal Poly MS in Business Analytics program, which is a comprehensive program that offers students an accelerated opportunity to advance their professional careers in the fast-growing data analytics field.

Please find the link to register for the forum, the agenda, and profiles of the panelists below.


12:30 PM: Opening Remarks

Dr. Brennan Davis | Director, Business Analytics, Orfalea College of Business

12:40 PM: Student Welcome

Jenna Eisenman | MSBA ‘21

12:45 PM: Analytical Edge to Power Client Success in a Rapidly Evolving Higher Ed Landscape

Leslie Su | Head of Insights & Analytics, Google

Abi Frost | Strategic Storyteller, Google

1:45 PM: MSBA Student Presentations

MSBA students present Collaborative Industry Projects

2:00 PM: Analytics Inside High-Tech Enterprises: What is the Executive Mindset?

Kevin Bennett | VP of Marketing Operations and Analytics, Informatica

2:45 PM: MSBA Alumni Spotlight: “Self-Service Analytics”

Izzy Kamrath | Advanced Analytics Professional, AT&T

3:00 PM: Closing Remarks

Dr. Al Liddicoat | Interim Dean, Orfalea College of Business

After 3 PM: Meet and Greet

Time to meet with other Analytics Forum participants

Featured Panelists

Izzy Kamrath | Advanced Analytics Professional, AT&T

Izzy Kamrath is a Business Analyst at AT&T, where she analyzes customer sales behavior, churn, and product engagement to support business partners in actively growing the customer base and reducing churn. Izzy graduated from Cal Poly’s M.S. Business Analytics program in 2020. Prior to the MSBA program, she earned a B.S. in Statistics at Cal Poly.

Leslie Su | Head of Insights & Analytics, Google

Leslie is the Head of Insights & Analytics for Education at Google. Her team of Analytical Leads helps Google’s education partners, including universities and EdTech companies, understand how best to reach potential learners in a rapidly changing digital landscape. With over eleven years of data and analytics experience, Leslie has consulted in various industries from economic consulting, mobile gaming, to big box retail. Leslie joined Google after receiving her MBA from MIT Sloan in 2016. Originally based in San Francisco, she now lives in Chicago where she leads her team across the Chicago, New York, and San Francisco offices.

Abi Frost | Strategic Storyteller, Google

Abi Frost leads research and thought leadership for Google’s Education team, helping Universities, K-12 institutions and ed-tech companies build student-centric strategies and future-proof their business. She is a passionate industry expert, experiencing firsthand how education can change a learner and their family’s trajectory. Prior to Google, Abi has a background in sales and data analytics working at the largest global consumer packaged goods company, Nestlé.

Kevin Bennett | VP of Marketing Operations and Analytics, Informatica

Kevin Bennett works as the VP of Marketing Operations & Analytics at Informatica. He has over 26 years of experience exclusively in high-tech companies. He has seen and been part of the data evolution and revolution. Very early in his career (not long out of college) he fell in love with the power of data while spending 7 years building one of the very first online market research companies starting in 1998. He learned very quickly how many Fortune 500 companies were missing the right data to answer basic customer & market questions. Kevin has run marketing analytics in several large enterprise software companies, including: Cisco, HP, ServiceNow, Automation Anywhere; and has advised many startups.

Today, at Informatica, he has responsibility for the development and implementation of: processes, tools, Customer 360 initiatives and infrastructure required to deliver on marketing key results. Overall, he leads global demand generation efforts in building a modern high-velocity market growth engine fueled by data, insights, and intelligence.

When Kevin is not working, you can find him with his wife and 4 boys donating time with local “youth focused” non-profits. Kevin enjoys hiking, camping, and long runs on the beach. Currently, he is working with his community to replant the local Santa Cruz mountain forests that he grew up admiring.