Marketing Professor Stern Neill Kicks Off a Year in China

yu&neillProfessor Stern Neill will be on sabbatical during 2015-16 academic year during which he will be a visiting scholar at Yanshan University in Qinhuangdao, China. Afforded to faculty every seven years, sabbatical is an opportunity for reflection and renewal, allowing fulltime pursuit of scholarly activities and instructional innovations and returning to duty with greater insight and vitality. During his sabbatical, Professor Neill will be combining his previous research in entrepreneurial and global marketing by examining entrepreneurship in China. Professor Neill will bring back to the classroom and discipline new thinking on the capabilities that enable innovation and value creation for customers.

At Yanshan University, Professor Neill will be conducting research with senior faculty, while also helping graduate students and new faculty on how to develop research projects. Located in Qinhuangdao City, a coastal city about 190 miles east of Beijing, Yanshan University is similar to Cal Poly in that it is a comprehensive polytechnic but with a student population of about 38,000. The business school offers undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. degrees. We all wish Professor Neill a rewarding sabbatical and eagerly await his return to Cal Poly!