Cal Poly Teams Take Place Second in Flexible Packaging Design Competition

Two teams of Cal Poly students tied for second place in a national packaging challenge held by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). Students competing in the competition submitted flexible, plastic packaging desigFlexible Packaging Competition Entry 1ns for products aimed at satisfying consumer demands for convenient and easy-to-use packaging.

Chris Childers, Ben Harris, Samantha Kin, Kellie Meyer and Huyen Nguyen comprised the first interdisciplinary team of Cal Poly students, designing a chicken breast strainer for the competition. Their product featured a vacuum package that allows for the drainage of excess chicken juice from the package without speaking bacteria. The package material itself was made of barrier polymers with an easy-to-use straining element, allowing the product to be used with either frozen or defrosted chicken. Aside from the flexible package itself, the students also developed an innovative flexographic printing solution that allowed the full label to be printed with only one pass through the printer.

Flexible Packaging Competition Entry 2The second interdisciplinary team of Cal Poly students, including Cole Cressman, Victoria Hanna, Tyler Harwood and Carrie Sauer, created a design called Precise Rice, a complete meal system that allows customers to prepare, consume and store a single serving of rice in one container. The package itself has a high heat deflection barrier and properties with low water absorption, which allow for the product to have extended storage and a long shelf life.

The students participated in the competition as a part of the IT 341 class taught by Professor Ajay Kathruia. Each team will review a $500 reward for their second place victory in the competition. For more information on the competition, visit the competition’s press release.