Senior Spotlight: Christy Carter

Christy Carter

Christy Carter

Christy Carter is graduating with academic excellence from Cal Poly with an MBA from the Orfalea College of Business and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the College of Engineering. She earned her bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Cal Poly as well. In her time on campus, she has been a part of a Coleman Fellows research program investigating student interest in innovation and entrepreneurship with Marketing area Chair Lynn Metcalf. In the College of Engineering, Carter helped teach classes and mentor students for aircraft senior design. She also served as secretary for the Graduate Students in Business Association, an ambassador for the College of Engineering, and a study session leader for math and physics courses at Cal Poly.

Additionally, Carter teamed with co-manager Michael Haworth on a large-scale project to design, create and build an Engineering Welcome Center and self-guided tours for each of the thirteen engineering majors for Cal Poly’s College of Engineering. Carter helped navigate the approval process with many campus constituents and students. “We had the idea that it would be great to facilitate self-guided tours, so we initiated a project to develop brochures that would allow anyone to get a feel for each department, whether you’re a prospective student, parent, alum, corporate sponsor, current student looking to change majors, or just curious about the college of engineering,” said Carter.

Carter created and seized opportunities to experience several engineering internships, including an internship with Nor-Cal Products Inc. as a research and development engineer, sales engineer, and supply chain engineer. During the summer of 2014 Carter began an intership at Northrop Grumman Corporation as an aerospace systems engineer and, upon completion of her degrees, will begin a full-time position as an aerospace systems architect with the company in Redondo Beach, Calif.

Cal Poly has become a family tradition in the Carter family with Christy’s younger sister Kelly now attending Cal Poly as a sophomore. Together, the two have volunteered in activities that they both enjoy, including FFA and equine therapy for special needs individuals. “I am so grateful to spend this quality time with my sister building our friendship while giving back to the San Luis Obispo County community,” said Carter.

Carter is excited to take her next step in life pursuing professional goals, exploring the world, and continuing to make family and friends a priority. She will spend the summer visiting family and taking a trip to Alaska before beginning her professional career in September. She also looks forward to returning to Cal Poly in the future to recruit Cal Poly students for jobs and be a guest speaker for classes.

“Cal Poly feels like extended family,” said Carter. “I want to ignite that same passion in other Cal Poly students to make the most of their education.”