Cal Poly Economics Students Attend Industry Conference in Chicago

Cal Poly Economics Society at ASSA Conference

The Economics Area of Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business provided scholarships for 13 members of the Cal Poly Economics Society to attend the Allied Social Sciences Association Conference in Chicago Jan. 5-6. The ASSA conference is the largest conference of economists in the world totaling around 2,000 people. Prominent speakers included former head of the Council of Economic Advisers and Nobel laureates. Students spent Friday and Saturday at the conference hearing topics from the current economic climate in the United States to the economics of national security.

Hear a few student perspectives on the unique experience:

“My favorite events were economic challenges facing the new president and the Nobel Prize winners speaking
about where the world economy is headed. I liked them because the speakers would bring up ideas that aren’t talked about regularly in the news.” – Stewart Green

“I attended “Economic and Political Analysis of Institutions and Organizations” where the speakers discussed how game theory can be applied to politics. I really enjoyed Steven Callader’s presentation on asymmetric information between experts and non experts. It was very applicable to me because I can reflect on his research when buying a car, applying for credit cards or any situation in which one person is advising me in a way that might not be the most beneficial to me. Just before him, Daron Acemoglu presented his research on when, and when not the state should dominate, the people should dominate, or when it should be a mixture of the two. As a political science minor, I thoroughly enjoy when economics and economic theory are applied to political philosophy. Overall, going to see all the sessions I was able to and meeting a Noble Prize laureate was a truly inspirational and motivational experience and I would love to attend next year.” -Emilee Matthews

“The ASSA Conference was an amazing opportunity that I would recommend to anyone considering a future in economics. The conference featured a multitude of presentations that were relevant to everybody (i.e. “Nobel Prize Winners on the Future of the World Economy” and “Economic Issues Facing the New President”) while also offering presentations that were geared more towards specific-interest groups (i.e. “Individual Welfare Maximization” and “Education, Race/Ethnicity and Inequality”). With hundreds of presentations to choose from, there was definitely something of interest for everybody who attended. I really enjoyed listening to economists from different fields discuss their work and seeing different economists come together to brainstorm improvements to their methods. In addition to simply being an awesome visit to Chicago, this trip also provided some valuable insight into different possibilities that are available for future economists, and I’m really grateful that I got to go!” -Heather Terreri