Orfalea College of Business Announces Jacobsen Faculty Fellows

Eduardo Zambrano, Chris Carr and Larry GormanCal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business recently named professors Eduardo Zambrano, Chris Carr and Larry Gorman as the first ever recipients of the Jacobsen Faculty Fellowship.

Orfalea alumnus Rich Jacobsen founded the fellowship in 2015 to support outstanding faculty in accounting, economics and finance. It is awarded to faculty who go above and beyond to inspire students both in and out of the classroom and who cultivate meaningful industry connections that bolster career readiness. The award supports faculty with $15,000 each year for three years.

Rich Jacobsen

Alum Rich Jacobsen

Carr, who teaches business law in the college’s Accounting Area, is a Fulbright Scholar who has led students on a number of trips around the world to learn about supply chain management and international relations. Zambrano of the Economics Area has worked with a United Nations task force to develop metrics on sustainable economies, and is recognized internationally for his research and consulting on welfare economics and human development. Gorman, a professor in the Finance Area, has paved the way for strong industry connections between finance students and major employers in the high-tech sector, including leaders like Apple.

A four-person Dean’s Advisory Council committee assessed applications for the fellowship, a process that included reviewing the applications, talking to students, and – in some cases – interviewing applicants. Each of these individuals was selected for their outstanding efforts to inspire students, which was the most important criteria for the Jacobsen family, and connect meaningfully with industry partners for the benefit of students.

Jacobsen, who is a managing director at the San Francisco office of Greenhill & Co., was inspired to establish the fellowship with his with Margaret after his 15-year career on Wall Street. Jacobsen saw how Cal Poly graduates were consistently overlooked by investment banks for entry level positions.

“While some graduates of elite schools take an analyst position for granted, Cal Poly students are willing to ‘run through walls’ to make the most of their opportunity,” Jacobsen said of his experience with new hires at Greenhill. He credits Cal Poly faculty like Mary Beth Armstrong, Alan Bailey, Jan Duffy, and Ken Reiner inspired him to persevere through a competitive finance industry.

To support the students and faculty of the Orfalea College of Business, contact the Advancement team at cobdeansoffice@calpoly.edu.