Orfalea Awards Ceremony

The annual Orfalea Awards Ceremony will be hosted to honor Orfalea College of Business students, faculty, and clubs.

Faculty Awards
Students can vote for different faculty to win the Outstanding Faculty Award by voting at this link: https://www.cob.calpoly.edu/facultysurvey.  Students can submit applications for faculty to receive the Faculty Emeritus Award.  The applications are available in the College of Business Dean’s Office.  The faculty awards are due on April 30th at 4pm.

Student Awards
There are three different student awards.  Some awards are based on GPA, some are nominated by faculty, and others are self-nominated.  Applications for self-nomination are available in the College of Business Dean’s Office, Room 454A.

Club Awards
Club awards are in two categories: club of the year and club member of the year.  All clubs will receive an email with more information on the application process.  Only clubs who are planning on attending the ceremony may nominate a club member.

Event Information
The event will take place in the afternoon on O’Neill Green and will include appetizers.  Tickets will be for sale in early May.  Those who win major awards will not have to pay for a ticket.