Orfalea Alumni Chats | Robert Park

Robert Park is a seasoned executive alumnus who began as an Orfalea College of Business student studying accounting and has now more than 25 years of business and financial leadership experience. In his current role, he serves as chief financial officer at Blue Jeans Network, an enterprise cloud-based videoconferencing platform recently acquired by Verizon Business.

Upon graduation from Cal Poly, Robert started his career at EY, and later served in finance and accounting roles at McKesson Corporation, PayPal, Chegg, and Practice Fusion. He has robust experience in leading hyper growth companies through complex transactions such as IPOs and acquisitions, and currently resides in the Bay Area with his wife and three young boys. 

Recently, Orfalea Student Ambassadors President Sami Von Gober had the chance to sit down with him for the second installment of our Orfalea Alumni Chats series.

“They say you learn more from your mistakes than from your successes,” says Park. “So you have to own it. You know you made a mistake—don’t try to hide behind it and hope it’ll go away. Hit it head on. One of the things I’ve learned is that big, career limiting mistakes are survivable if you handle them properly.”

Listen to the full conversation with Robert.