Mustang Memories: Who was your favorite professor?

Student in classTony Narduzzi (Information Systems, ’00)
North American DevOps Team Lead at IBM
“It’s been 15 years, and so many of my professors were great. I’ll give two examples. I remember international business law with Chris Carr being very interesting and entertaining. He had real world examples and personal experiences to relate to every lesson. Even though it was an evening class during my last quarter before graduation, I looked forward to attending every class. Being an MIS concentration, who could forget Barry Floyd. He was quite possibly the most personable instructor ever, willing to discuss anything with a genuine interest in helping students find their way.”

Ralph Busch (MBA, ’13)
Operations Manager at California Royale LLC (Monte Vista Farming Co.)
“Dr. York was my favorite professor at Cal Poly and my favorite professor of my entire college career. His way of teaching was really what changed the way I think about and how I understand business. I truly believe he helped take my thinking and work ethic to the next level.”

Michelle McGoon (Information Systems & Economics Minor, ’07)
Learning Technology Advisor at Chevron Corporation
“I really enjoyed Dr. Rosemary Wild‘s Information Systems class (BUS 393: Database System and Designs). I think this was the most practical class I had in all of my information systems concentration, and one I refer back to frequently for information architecture throughout my job. She taught us some great tools: data flow diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, and third-form normalization (“So Help Me, Codd!”).”

 Kurt Raffetto (Economics, ’87)
Dr. Dominic Perello was always there for me when I had questions or needed guidance. I didn’t even know about his Air Force background when I asked for a letter of recommendation for officer training school. We kept in touch throughout my career and my oldest boy is named Dominic in part because of him.”

Robert Fernandes (Information Systems, ’99)
Director of Mobile Development at Primitive Logic Inc.
“Barry Floyd – Great professor, cared about the success of his students, as well as took extra efforts to provide all the help he could for his students to get jobs lined up after graduation. The most impressive, is he remembered, in detail, who I was when I spoke at ISA twelve years after I graduated.”

Kerry Wilson (Marketing, ’91)
“My favorite professor; Walter Rice. I’ll never forget the “Economics of Robinson Crusoe: lecture. I sat in class thinking, “I get this!” He was an excellent teacher. His final was a lottery; 3 of 10 complex problems that were given beforehand. You better believe that by the time the final came around, each of us could solve those 10 problems in our sleep; (which was exactly what he wanted).”