Mustang Memories – Marketing

Student in classJoshua Burroughs (Business Administration, ’08)
Senior Development Manager, Barry Swenson Builder
“I had the pleasure of traveling with Lynn Metcalf to Peru with 20 other Cal Poly graduates and deliver over 500 wheelchairs to children and adults with disabilities. I’ll never forget the year we spent raising $100,000 together as a team and Professor Metcalf’s leadership as our fearless advisor.”

Richard Husky (B.S., Business Administration, 2006, Economics Minor)
“A favorite memory… Dr. Tietje lead a team of 18 students on a year-long senior project. Our goal was to plan and execute a marketing campaign for the all-new Honda Fit. This was a competitive campaign and our performance was compared against many other universities. Our group placed among the top three universities and was flown to Honda’s USA headquarters to present our findings. While giving our presentation, I snuck a few quick looks at Dr. Tietje. He looked so proud. I’ll never forget his support and guidance throughout this project. Thanks Dr. T!”

Kyle Cameron (B.S., Business Administration, 2008)
Controller, James Loudspeaker
“Professor Hess is very engaging, personable, and knowledgeable.”

Erin Shafqat (B.S., Business Administration, 2013)
Marketing Director, Carlsbad Manufacturing
“Daily photos of Professor Borin’s dog!”

Ayano Kumazawa (B.S., Business Administration, 2012, Graphic Communications Minor)
Real Estate Administrative Assistant, Costco Wholesale Japan
“I can’t pick one, so I will write two, Dr. Metcalf and Dr. Neil. They both have incredible knowledge and experience to share with us. I enjoyed every assignments and projects I have done in their classes!”

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