Mustang Memories: Industrial Technology and Packaging

Student in class

Orfalea College of Business alumni answer one question: Who was your favorite Cal Poly professor?

Glenn Johnson (Industrial Technology ’00)

Manufacturing Engineer, Lockheed Martin
“Professor Mosher (I.T.) asked what the secret to life was. The answer: attitude. This has stayed with me all these years.”

Kristin Beardsley (Industrial Technology, ’92)
Wireless Team Sr. Recruiter, Apple
“By far, my favorite teacher (and career mentor) was IT Professor Smith (“Smitty”). Not only was he an expert card counter who was banned from Las Vegas for his well-known skills, but he was the nicest guy! He was so smart, and loved to teach about his direct experiences building some of the first SONAR systems for submarines before WWII. He took me under his wing when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, and he encouraged me to take risks, and use my creativity to find solutions that were unique and fit my personality. Thank you Smitty, for helping me get through Cal Poly, and for encouraging me to follow my spirit!”

James Divinagracia (Industrial Technology, ’98)Cal Poly logo metal casting
Global Supply Manager, NetApp
“In my metals lab with Dr. Mosher for IT majors, we utilized sand casting to make a project with molten metal. Thinking back, it was pretty dangerous due to the heat of the liquid metal, but a great learning experience. The mold I chose was a Cal Poly block of letters. I still have it displayed today in my office. We also used belt sanders, vertical band saws, sand blasting, and polish processes to touch up the imperfections.”

Max Levine (Industrial Technology, ’10)
Technology Implementer, Oztera
“Learning lean with Dr. Olsen was amazing. Learning JIT, Kanban, and Tact times using the Toyota Production System car assembly exercise was awesome. I have utilized this philosophy and skills throughout my professional career and always remember where I first learned about this!”

Lisa Lane (Industrial Technology, ’92)
“‘Smitty’ always made it fun and interesting to learn; from sharing stories about he used to work on a computer that took up a whole room, to making references and comparisons to games of chance in order to make the material presented easier to understand.

Ken Ueltzen (Industrial Technology, ’82)
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Cokeva
“Going into Smitty’s office, where it was piled high with papers, students lined up out the door and cigarette smoke coming out of the office like it was on fire… circa 1981.”

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