Mustang Memories – Economics

007_finance small (2)Kurt Raffetto (B.S., Economics, 1987)
Owner, Raffetto Enterprises
“Dr. Dominic Perello was always there for me when I had questions or needed guidance. I didn’t even know about his Air Force background when I asked for a letter of recommendation for officer training school. We kept in touch throughout my career, and my oldest boy is named Dominic in part because of him.”

Gregory Spicer (B.S., Economics, 1990)
President, Orange Legal Technologies
“JP Adams was my favorite teacher, along with Alden Shiers. They were two professors who knew the importance of education but were also really good men — fair, personable and smart.”

Robert Lucacher (MBA, 1998)
EH&S Manager & Practice Leader, Cushman & Wakefield
“Dr. Walter Rice, who taught macroeconomics and business, was my favorite. The most famous quote in the two years in the MBA program that I heard more often than not: ‘That’s irrelevant, immaterial and inconsequential.’ Loved it.”

Lauren Stapleton (nee Parente) (B.S., Business Administration, 2004, Economics Minor)
Business Strategy, Enjoy
“Professor Michael Marlow was my favorite professor at Cal Poly. I took his Monetary Economics class. We had relevant videos, great discussions and debates, and he had amazing stories. I could read and digest The Wall Street Journal cover to cover.”

Kerry Wilson (MBA, 1991)
Administrative Manager, HASLO
“My favorite professor was Walter Rice. I’ll never forget the ‘Economics of Robinson Crusoe’ lecture. I sat in class thinking, ‘I get this!’ He was an excellent teacher. His final was a lottery: three of 10 complex problems that were given beforehand. You better believe that by the time the final came around, each of us could solve those 10 problems in our sleep (which was exactly what he wanted).”

Matt Cohen (B.S., Economics, 2014)
MBA Student, UC San Diego
“The only professor I had twice during my time at Cal Poly was Solina Lindahl in the Economics area. I loved her classes, and even though we philosophically disagreed at times, she challenged my way of thinking. She helped me understand the reasoning behind demand-side economics, which is now so prevalent in the political/economic world. She also wrote one of my recommendation letters for business school, and that meant a great deal to me. I’ll get my MBA this June.”

Lynne Romano (B.S., Economics, 1980)
Retired Attorney
“While all of my professors from Cal Poly bring fond memories, the professor who stands out above all is Takis Papakyriazis. Professor Papakyriazis taught in the Economics area and acted as my senior project advisor. Academically, he was unmatched. Professor Papakyriazis loved to challenge his students with mind-tangling projects. He was, however, one of the most patient and supportive people I have ever known. As a person, Takis Papakyriazis was kind and welcoming to his students. A huge thank you to Professor Papakyriazis and to all of the wonderful professors at Cal Poly who most certainly sent me off into the world with the necessary skills.”

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