Mustang Memories: Accounting

Student in classRodney Pereira (Business Administration, Accounting, ’12)
Assurance Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
“Countless students will tell you that Tad Miller made a lasting impression, and for very good reason. Not only does Tad engage his students, but he genuinely cares about each and every one of them. I recall the last day of his auditing class. He briefly went over what we were to expect in our final, and then changed his tone to deliver a passionate, heartfelt message about making a difference, caring for others, and approaching life’s problems head on. I don’t recall his words now, but I can tell you that I left that classroom ready to take on the world. We all did. That’s Tad in a nutshell, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn from–both about accounting and about life.”

Tony Narduzzi (Business Administration, Management Information Systems, ’00)
North American DevOps Team Lead, IBM
“It’s been 15 years, and so many of my professors were great. I’ll give two examples. I remember international business law with Chris Carr being very interesting and entertaining. He had real world examples and personal experiences to relate to every lesson. Even though it was an evening class during my last quarter before graduation, I looked forward to attending every class. Being an MIS concentration, who could forget Barry Floyd. He was quite possibly the most personable instructor ever, willing to discuss anything with a genuine interest in helping students find their way.”

Gaston Leyack (Business Administration, International Business; Wine & Viticulture Minor, ’03)
“Business Law Professor Chris Perello‘s laws of cooking: #1: there is no such thing as too much butter; and #2: there is no such thing as too much bacon. I may have reversed the order, but both still hold true in my cooking experience. Professor Perello made something quite dry and abstract very easy to understand and absorb. His presentations were clear and very engaging. I still remember there was one test question (or was it an assignment?) that involved a customer using “TurboLax”. I remember laughing out loud in the middle of the class.”

Kathy Black (Business Administration, Accounting, ’79)
Office Administrator/Donations Processor, Agape International Missions
Dr. Charles Andrews was my advisor and my professor for a couple of upper level accounting courses in the late 1970s. He was knowledgeable and personable. He cared about what was going on with his students and he loved his subject matter. I had been a very good student mostly, but he noticed my grades slipping during a particularly difficult period late in my junior year, so he called me in for a meeting and wanted to know what was going on with me. He listened and then provided not a “fix” for my problems, but perspective that helped me make better decisions from that point on. I feel honored to have had him as my professor.”

Evan Kilbourne (Business Administration, Accounting, Economics Minor, ’12)
Senior Consultant, Rugeti & Associates, P.C.
Rodney Mock, also known as the accounting department’s gym superhero. Mock is easily one of the brightest, down-to-earth, and effective accounting teachers there is.”

Larry Bello (Business Administration, Accounting, ‘84)
Partner, KPMG LLP
“While a number of professors were impactful during my years at Cal Poly, there are two that I felt were really special — Roger Bishop taught my individual tax and governmental accounting courses. Roger was practical, clear, had a great sense humor and kept the class engaged and attentive. He was the first professor I had that asked us to call him by his first name–friendly and approachable. Dr. Janice Carr taught my corporate tax course and cared about every student in the class. My friendship with Dr. Carr continued long after I left Cal Poly for KPMG — a great mentor and friend.”

Samantha Blonstein (Business Administration, Accounting, ‘12)
Senior Tax Associate, Grant Thornton
“My favorite memory is from Professor Mock’s class when he would play random YouTube videos during our class breaks and take us on Starbucks runs.”

James Main (Business Administration, Financial Management and International Business, ‘00)
Client Relationship Manager, State Street Corporation
“I recall the first day of Chris Carr‘s Business Law class. Right after he walked in, his dog, a Golden Retriever (I think her name was Khaki) calmly walked in and laid down in the corner. Being a dog lover, I thought, ‘I’m going to love this class/professor.’ The moment sticks with me… I’ve been the proud “parent” of three goldens since then.”

Chelsea Mallozzi (Business Administration, Accounting, ’14; MSA Tax ’15)
Audit Associate, KPMG LLP
Tad Miller’s life lesson stories during our breaks in our accounting classes were always either funny or inspirational. They always made class that much better!”

Robert Knowles Business Administration, Accounting, ’72)
Lawrence E. Baur, Jr., CPA, also known as Larry Baur was a very practical down to earth way-shower in accounting and auditing. He interjected his unique brand of humor into the most complex theories, always with a straight face. (e.g. ‘What happens when the fog clears in LA? UCLA!’). Whether it was tax, theory or otherwise, his classroom was where you would find me in the front row.”

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