Marketing Student in Women’s Soccer Senior Spotlight

Cal Poly Athletics profiled fourth-year business student Sydney Knauer in their women’s soccer senior spotlight last week. She spoke on playing for her hometown team and how her athletic and academic successes align.

“I knew Business would give me a lot of options, so I wanted to start with that and then as I got through the first two years of just general classes, I realized that marketing is more what I’m interested in,” Knauer said. “I love talking to people, I love the whole big brand image thing; advertising, promotional stuff, all that. And then also the sales side but we didn’t have a sales (concentration) yet for Business so that was the closest to sales.”

This past offseason, she interned with PepsiCo, in sales management in Fresno, leading to a job offer she accepted — set to start next August.

“During practices, weights, games, traveling, it can be a grind,” Knauer reflected. “But I’m just really appreciative of what (the student-athlete lifestyle) kind of gave me in my life: it gave me so much structure, time-management skills, commitment, ability to work with a team, and all those apply to the real world.”

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