Marketing Senior Project Draws Hundreds to Film Screening

Director Gregory Kallenberg addresses the audience at Cal Poly.

Director Gregory Kallenberg addresses the audience at Cal Poly

More than 200 students, staff and faculty attended a film screening hosted by marketing seniors from Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business on Monday, Nov. 17 in Chumash Auditorium. The event featured videos from the Rational Middle Energy Series, which explored varying points of view on energy production and consumption. The Rational Middle Energy Series is sponsored by Shell Oil.

After the screening, the film’s director Gregory Kallenberg, PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey and REC Solar’s Andrew Follock engaged in a panel discussion about the future of renewable energy sources, the consequences of controversial practices like fracking, and how public policy is driving a more diverse energy mixture. Members of the audience posed questions to the panelists in a spirited exchange regarding the environmental impact and public safety concerns about solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal and coal-based energy.

The event was produced by marketing students in BUS 464, a senior project course in Joan Lindsey-Mullikin. Within the course, the students formed an advertising agency they call 805 Consulting. Throughout fall quarter, 25 marketing seniors worked closely with Rational Middle and Shell Oil while planning the event’s public relations tactics, social media promotions and market research. According to the senior project’s goals, the students developed an integrated communications plan to promote the event, execute and emcee the screening and panel discussion, and test the effectiveness of the event through a survey for all attendees. The class will present a final report of the quantitative and qualitative research on the event’s impact to Kallenberg and Shell Oil in December.

“We were all so excited to see the Cal Poly community engaged in this discussion about our energy future,” said 805 Consulting’s Abby Alami. “Communication was key within our own class and with our client in order to create a successful event.”

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