Management and HR Faculty Update

This year, the Orfalea College of Business welcomes three new management faculty who shape the Learn by Doing environment Cal Poly is known for. Hear about the outstanding accomplishments of these educators:

Bruce GreenbaumBruce Greenbaum

Bruce Greenbaum has joined the Orfalea College of Business faculty as an assistant professor of management. Before beginning his career in academics, Greenbaum worked as an investment banker for more than 12 years. He also worked as an IT systems consultant for three years, where he worked to develop customer service systems for multinational firms. Greenbaum spends his time researching the varied micro and macro-level effects of a firm’s strategic decisions, with his most recent research focusing on influence of CEO personality on firm innovation activities.


Benjamin AlexanderBenjamin Alexander

Benjamin Alexander has worked with both multi-national corporations, government institutions and volunteer organizations in Cambodia, Israel, and the United States before joining the Orfalea College of Business an assistant professor of management. Aside from his professional experience, Alexander also has conducted extensive research on social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, looking more specifically at how for-profit organizations incorporate core social objectives and legal structures designed to accommodate multi-faceted firms. His research also looks at organizational institutionalism, focusing on the broader interface between business, business education and society.


Patricia DahmPatricia Dahm

Patricia Dahm graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in mechanical engineering before continuing on to earn her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota and her MBA from the University of Illinois. Before entering the world of academia, Dahm worked as an organizational effectiveness consultant, a finance manager and analyst for Sprint-Nextel. Now, she joins the Orfalea College of Business as an assistant professor of management. Her research, which has been published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Academy of Management proceedings, focuses on work-life integration, social roles, gender, and self-regulation of workplace behavior.


Jim Sena, Management Area chair and long-time faculty member, recently announced his retirement after 29 years at Cal Poly and 56 years working in his field.

Sena graduated from Xavier University of Ohio, earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and later his MBA. He also earned his master’s in information science from Dayton before earning his Ph.D. in organization theory and computer science from the University of Kentucky.

James SenaSena spent much of his early working career researching and developing software systems including operating systems and compilers for NCR. Sena served on the ASA X3.4 standards committee for processor languages which defined the COBOL programming language. He also worked at Spindletop Research in Lexington developing water resource management systems before he began teaching business and computer science at the University of Louisville and the University of Houston in Clearlake. Also in Texas Jim worked as a senior scientist for Battelle Memorial Institute developing a variety of software systems including a procurement management system for NASA, a pharmaceutical testing system for major drug companies, and a pipeline inspection system for oil companies.

After teaching for three years at Texas A&M University, Sena began his career at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He has served as the Management Area chair for nine years and the Industrial Technology Area chair for three years. He played an integral role in building the information systems concentration curriculum. During his time on the Central Coast, he also made meaningful connections in industry to obtain equipment and software grants for the Orfalea College of Business, including the Cisco network lab and a Sun workstation lab. Sena also spent a year as a Fullbright Research Scholar at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. Aside from his research he consulted, developed, and managed operations for Executive Systems and worked on the Smart-Base system at the San Diego Naval Station.

In his research Sena has published an average of two to three journal articles a year for the past 32 years. He has focused on areas such as organizational business strategies, Security, Mobile workers, Social Networks, Business Intelligence,  organizational analysis of Information Technology, Replication of Collins’ work (e.g. Great by Choice); Strategy Planning and Deployment. His publications over the last four years include articles in Issues in Information Systems, Journal of Information Systems and Applied Research. Journal of Business Management & Change, International Journal of Technology Diffusion, Journal of Enterprise Transformation, Journal of Business Inquiry, Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Change and the California Journal of Operations Management.

In addition to leading the Management Area in 2015 and 2016, he has taught organizational theory and strategy. At the end of spring quarter, Sena will officially retire from full-time teaching, and will begin working part-time as a part of the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). Sena plans to spend his free time with his wife and dog while entertaining his hobbies of painting, swimming, playing racquetball and walking.