CIE Innovation Sandbox named an “Example of Excellence”

Two students working at a computer

The Mission and Vemo Education recently collaborated to highlight the best examples of higher education innovation. They sought to celebrate schools that “have quickly adapted” to rapidly changing technology and are “preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.”

On the list is Cal Poly’s Innovation Sandbox, a shared workspace where students from various disciplines can come together and “play with the latest prototyping/ideation tools, explore new subjects, develop technologies and share knowledge.” It allows students to apply their classroom knowledge in a creative, team-centric setting.

The Innovation Sandbox is part of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), which provides students opportunities to conceive, develop and build their own businesses. This includes programs like The Hatchery  and the SLO HotHouse Incubator  to help students get their ideas off the ground, and pitch competitions to help them maintain momentum. Because many of these small businesses revolve around products, technologies and creative exploration the Innovation Sandbox is an essential part of the process. Student entrepreneurs looking for prototypes, testing and more can visualize their big ideas here.

You can read the entire Mission article here and learn more about the Innovation Sandbox here.