Industrial Technology Students Sell Out of Quickstand

This fall, 15 students in ITP 467: Applied Business Operations spent their term creating a product. But they didn’t just come up with the idea. They did it all: design, sourcing, production, packaging, marketing and sales. And by the beginning of December, they’d sold 164 total units.

The Quickstand is a collapsable, portable, versatile table perfect for the beach or the backyard. It features cupholders, a bottle opener, and multiple tiers so, as the website puts it, “keep your book away from your nachos.” It’s easy to assemble and disassemble. On social media, the Quickstand team has posted videos of their members setting it up in a matter of seconds. Plus, they’re customizable, with the option for a custom, laser-etched logo on top.

The Quickstand sold for $120, and custom laser-etching was an additional $40. Within one month of the product launch, the team was completely sold out.

Each team member contributed their own skills and passions—manufacturing, design, marketing, accounting, etc.—to help the project come together. In the process, they got a comprehensive look at the production cycle, from conception to sale. As a senior capstone course, ITP 467 allows students to synthesize everything they’ve learned over their time at Cal Poly into a hands-on project with a rewarding final product.

Projects like this are what give Orfalea College of Business students confidence and expertise as they prepare to start their careers. With such a successful production and launch, these 15 students certainly look prepared to contribute in their future jobs, wherever they end up.