Donations Bring New Equipment to Industrial Technology and Packaging Labs

Where does your donation go?

Since July, more than 50 alumni and industry partners have given back to the Industrial Technology and Packaging Area at Cal Poly. Thousands of dollars have poured through your individual donations, recurring contributions and gifts matched by employers. So what specifically do your contributions support?

Lab equipment.

This fall, the Orfalea College of Business introduced a new Haas vertical mill and lathe into Cal Poly’s fabrication lab. The equipment was added to support the area’s digital fabrication or “d-fab” capabilities. This includes computer aided design (CAD), solid modeling, 3-D scanning and printing, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining on our new mill and lathe.tee mate small

The equipment arrived in fall 2015, just in time for students in IT 407: Applied Business Operations to utilize the new capabilities to manufacture their senior projects. The course requires students to design and prototype a unique product, invest in materials, and manufacture 80-100 units with tools in Cal Poly’s labs. Students used the mill and lathe while creating the Hitch Hider tow hitch cover, the Uncapped bottle opener, the Tee Mate golf accessory organizer, and the Grill N’ Chill cooking caddie. For more information on each project, visit the IT 407 web page.

Haas mill partStudents and alumni consistently talk about how Learn by Doing projects completed in the industrial technology and packaging labs made the biggest difference their education. With the right tools in hand, students build the confidence and work-ready skills to launch a fulfilling career. Orfalea College of Business faculty and staff work constantly to bring the right tools into the labs for students to use as they innovate, collaborate and

Funds from the Orfalea endowment at Cal Poly paid for the upfront costs of the machines, but the Industrial Technology and Packaging Area is raising funds now to repay those costs. Contributions made this spring will go toward this machinery.