Cal Poly Announces New Masters Program in Business Analytics

Orfalea College of Business recently announced its new Master of Science in Business Analytics program, pending final approval by the California State University Chancellor’s Office. The on-campus program will welcome its inaugural class in the fall of 2016. The new 10-month comprehensive program will focus on data-based problem solving for the next generation of business leaders.

Prospective students wishing to learn more about fall admissions for the new MS in Business Analytics program are invited to participate in Cal Poly’s free webinar on Thursday, November 12th at 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PST. 12th at 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PST.

To sign up for the webinar, go to:

“We believe that the Orfalea College of Business at Cal Poly is uniquely positioned to serve the analytical talent needs of industries in California and beyond,” said Sanjiv Jaggia, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Orfalea College of Business. “The MS in Business Analytics is an outstanding program that builds on a broad bench of faculty with advanced modeling skills and business acumen. It is distinct from any other graduate program at Cal Poly.”

Cal Poly’s MS in Business Analytics program emphasizes industry projects, statistical modeling and communication skills.

The program offers a holistic approach to data analytics, combining qualitative reasoning with quantitative tools to identify key business problems, translate them into relevant data questions, and apply data analytics to tell a story and propose concrete business actions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data analyst job category is expected to grow 45% by 2018, making it one of the fastest-growing career fields. Unlike many fields in the ultra-competitive marketplace, the projected supply of well-qualified candidates will not meet demand, a problem that Cal Poly has directly responded to in building the innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum.

To ensure the quality and impact of the new graduate program, Orfalea College of Business assembled the Business Analytics Advisory Board (BAAB). Members of the BAAB include top data analytics professionals across a host of blue-chip companies including Google, Oracle, Cisco, Walmart and more.

Cal Poly business analytics students will have the opportunity to work on a culminating project in which they will use data analysis to solve the real world problems these companies face on a day-to-day basis.

“Equipped with the right combination of analytical and interdisciplinary skills, our graduates will be able to synthesize, communicate, and act on information to create competitive advantages for business. Graduates will also be able to serve as a critical link among senior management, data scientists, and clients,” said Jaggia.

In regards to employment prospects, Jaggia asserts that graduates of the MS in Business Analytics program can expect to find exciting employment opportunities across a host of industries, including consulting, retail, financial services, marketing, health care, technology, and sports.

“Here at Oracle, we know there is a tremendous demand for new business school graduates with the ability to glean competitive insights from the massive amounts of data being generated today,” said Jeff Henley, executive vice chairman at Oracle and member of the Business Analytics Advisory Board. “Oracle already looks to Cal Poly as a major source of new hires for its Sales Academy, based on the quality and preparation of the students coming out of the business school. An MS program in Business Analytics will only add to the appeal of Cal Poly as a go-to source of finance and business administration talent for innovative companies in the Bay Area and beyond.”