A Message from Marketing area Chair Lynn Metcalf

Ten years ago, Marketing area faculty unveiled an industry-facing curriculum founded on three foundational principles: decision-making informed by customer insights, innovation, and Learn by Doing. While these three pillars remain the cornerstones of the marketing program, we’ve worked with industry leaders to continuously evolve our programs and our brand.

Our brand promise: Cal Poly marketing cultivates agile marketers who integrate data analytics, critical thinking and creativity. We work with our task force members to identify the latest trends shaping marketing today. Our curriculum addresses industry innovations, helping our students build essential skills in both analytic and creative aspects of marketing.

To achieve this promise, we have implemented several exciting reforms to our program.
1. A new minor in integrated marketing communications, introducing students to fundamentals of journalism and graphic design to enhance their marketing efforts.
2. New courses in digital media, social media and marketing analytics. Our latest talents to join the college, Professors Brennan Davis and Joachim Scholz, bring fresh perspectives and specialist expertise to our students.
3. Incorporate the latest technologies and industry principles, streamlining ourgraduates’ transition from academia to industry. Our partnership with industry leader Marketo enhances students’ Learn by Doing experience in marketing software fundamentals.

Ongoing efforts have strengthened the focus of the Cal Poly chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Guided programs in professional development connect students with networking opportunities across the industry before and after graduation. We’re building a promising mentorship program for our Rising Stars — a select group of exceptional students nominated by marketing faculty — with business consulting firm TrustedPeer.

The synergy among our task force members, Rising Stars, AMA leaders, and faculty in accomplishing these initiatives showcases our commitment to industry relevance and ongoing student excellence. Our competitive advantage comes from the generous support of current, future and past members of our college community. Marketing alumni reconnect with Cal Poly through much-needed financial support and professional insight initiatives. Whether mentoring students as an Executive in Residence or overseeing essential internships, connecting with Cal Poly enriches the marketing program and strengthens our expanding alumni network. To get involved today, contact marketing@calpoly.edu.

Lynn Metcalf