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Keep up with the latest news, events and projects from the Orfalea College of Business’ students, alumni and faculty.

Cal Poly Finance Team Advances in International Competition

Cal Poly Finance Team Advances in Global Competition with Analysis of PayPal Stock Outlook

Dean Damon Fleming

Welcome to Dean Damon Fleming

Cal Poly names Damon Fleming as the new dean of the Orfalea College of Business.

Katya Vasilaky with students

The 2021 Orfalea College of Business Faculty and Staff Awards

Congrats to all those who have been recognized for their excellence during this academic year.

Sami Katwan with the HiView team

Student Essay | Technology Sales and Consulting

Internships, immersive projects, and getting the most from my education, inside and outside the classroom.

2021 Graduating Senior Recognition Awards

The graduating Orfalea College of Business students who exhibited academic excellence, offered exceptional service to the community, and made contributions to the public image of the college and the university.

Student researcher Jack Keefer lecturing.

Interview | Jack Keefer

A Q&A with the student researcher covering his work on the relationship between social media, anxiety, and body image.

Critical Conversation

College, student, and university leaders foster a discussion around inequality, community, growth, pain, and a path toward greater diversity and inclusion. 

Authors of Analytics

A group of professors in the Orfalea College of Business Masters of Business Analytics Program have penned and published a string of influential and best-selling textbooks, helping to shape the future of the field in the process.

Cal Poly entrance with banners.

The Katherine and Eric Johnson Accounting Discipline Scholarship

After paying her own way through school, OCOB alumna Katherine Johnson wanted to help a new generation of business students with similar needs.

Creating Community at the 2021 Defining Her Future Conference

The Cal Poly Women in Business Club invites more than a dozen working professionals to speak about courage, empowerment, and diversity, equity & inclusivity at Defining Her Future Conference.

Orfalea Chats | Harlan Findley

Google’s Harlan Findley on workplace productivity, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how to prioritize empathy over ego at work.

Cal Poly Agriculture-Business Students 1968

100 Years of Business at Cal Poly: A Timeline

A brief history of business classes at Cal Poly.

OCOB DEI Students

The OCOB DEI Action Committee

The upcoming townhall event and how to join the conversation.

Photo of Emitte Scruggs

Orfalea Chats | Emitte Scruggs

In this episode of Orfalea Chats, we sit down with Emitte Scruggs, a leader in the human resources field, specializing in talent acquisition.

MS Econ People with Blank Speech/Thought Bubbles

Reflections of a Quantitative Economics M.S. Student

The importance of career panels to the post-degree job hunt—and other tips she’s learned along the way.

Primary Package Project

Cal Poly Teams Victorious at 2020 AmeriStar Package Award Competition

Cal Poly’s Industrial Technology and Packaging Program (ITP) continues its long record of achievement. 

Sidney Collin, founder of De Oro Devices.

Four Cal Poly Grads Explain Why San Luis Obispo Is A Hub For Startups

What does it takes to start a company or small business? Valuable perspectives shared in this robust discussion.