Management & Human Resources Concentration

The Orfalea College of Business offers a concentration in management and human resources to those majoring in business administration or economics.

Cal Poly’s management and human resources (MHR) concentration prepares students for general leadership and management positions, as well as careers in more specific human resources (HR) positions. Through an experiential learning approach, the HR portion of the curriculum prepares students to hit the ground running in specific HR functions such as recruitment, staffing, training and development, and compensation, offering a starting point for a successful HR career. The management portion of the curriculum prepares students for entry-level leadership and management positions, such as management training programs in large corporations, management consulting, and managerial positions in family businesses and other small organizations. Students will master readily applicable management skills such as leadership, organizational design, development and change, global business management, and negotiation through Cal Poly’s signature Learn by Doing philosophy.

What are your career options with a Management & Human Resources concentration after you graduate?

  • Training and development specialist
  • Compensation and benefits analyst
  • Labor relations specialist
  • HRIS analyst (HR systems analyst)
  • Management consultant (E.g. Anderson Consulting, Ernst and Young Consulting)
  • Strategy consultant (E.g. McKinsey and Co., Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Co.)
  • Human Resources consultant (E.g. Mercer, Deloitte, Watson Wyatt)
  • Organizational Development consultant
  • Business and leadership coach
  • Entry level management/team leader within a corporation
  • Management training programs in big corporations
  • Management position in a family business
  • Hiring, Firing, Compensating, Assessing, Training & Advising of Employees
  • Staffing, Recruitment, and Workforce Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Labor Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HR Legal and Employment Law
  • Organizational Development & Structuring

Areas of a business typically found within Human Resources:

  • Staffing, Recruitment, and Workforce Planning
  • Training and Development
  • Labor Relations
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HR Legal and Employment Law
  • Diversity
  • Organizational Development & Structuring

What classes do you take in the Management & Human Resources Concentration?

In addition to the core courses required within the Orfalea College of Business, the following courses are required for the management and human resources concentration:

Course ID Course Name
BUS 382 Leadership and Organizations 4
BUS 384 Human Resources Management 4
BUS 388 Cultivating Human Capital 4
BUS 477 Management Consulting and Change Management 4
BUS 489 Negotiation 4
Approved Electives 8

*Courses reflect the Course catalog.

View the Management and HR Concentration’s Declaration Form, Course Flowchart, Tentative Course Offerings and Career Information on the Orfalea Student Services concentration page.