Supplemental Programs

The Marketing Concentration allows students to explore three core competencies; Digital, Data, and Doing. In addition to the core classes, marketing students can choose to further their studies through supplemental minors and programs that each align with digital, data, or doing. The Marketing department offers the Business Analytics (Data), and the Sales Minor (Doing) for students looking to further their skills.

What is the Business Analytics Agency?
Cal Poly’s Business Analytics Agency is a unique and cutting edge service for companies looking to fortify their business strategy with data-driven research and consulting. The agency delivers innovative, analytics-based thrives on cross-disciplinary collaboration, so students can diversify their skills and gain practical knowledge in high-demand subjects like data modeling, automation, artificial intelligence and more.

What will students learn?
Students will work with big data to solve client problems, including applying statistical techniques, cleaning data, creating data solutions using Amazon Web Services, using a comprehensive marketing measurement and optimization platform, and/or evidence-based storytelling.

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What is the Sales Minor?
Students will practice hands-on sales skills, create important career building connections, and prepare for prime sales internships and job opportunities.

What will students learn?
Students will learn how to build and maintain business relationships, sell, manage, and lead.  Students will develop important career building connections through mentors, internships and a practicum to receive the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in their career. The program is open to all Cal Poly undergraduate majors.

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