Student Engagement

Marketing Experience (Fall/Winter/Spring). In this senior project, students work as a team to conduct research and develop strategies for specific business situations and/or potential clients.

Through this Learn by Doing experience, you gain real world application in one or more of the following areas:

   a) creative strategy (digital)
   b) marketing analytics (data) and/or

   c) brand/customer development (doing).

At the conclusion of the project, you will have gained meaningful, authentic marketing experience that will prove valuable in a competitive job market.


       Students who wish to enroll in this course can contact Professor Jeff Hess at

Established in 1978, the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo chapter of the American Marketing Association has been connecting students to their peers, professors, community, and industry professionals. As an internationally recognized organization, the American Marketing Association aims to provide students interested in the field of marketing and business with the tools and tips needed to create a successful career and future. As one of Cal Poly’s largest and oldest professional business clubs, Cal Poly AMA prides itself on its ability to bring top level companies and businesses to our campus as well as providing insight into the vast depth of career opportunities related to marketing.

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The career conference aims to link Cal Poly marketing students to professionals and alumni who can offer career opportunities and mentorship. The Marketing Career Conference features dynamic industry panels and multiple networking sessions with industry leaders who are looking to fill internship and career positions within their organizations.

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