Global Business Leaders

Orfalea College Leader in Vietman

With this immersive and hands-on program, the goal is to graduate sophisticated, culturally-attuned, and community-oriented leaders prepared to chart the international business environment of tomorrow. The Global Business Leaders Initiative challenges every student within the Orfalea College of Business to engage in high impact, meaningful experiences across these three areas:

1.) Career Readiness

By internship opportunities, or even by launching their own businesses, through programs like the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer Accelerator, which helps students take their start-up ideas from concept to reality.

2.) A Global Mindset

By enrolling in a study abroad program, joining an Orfalea College of Business International Tour, or providing humanitarian aid to gain cultural awareness and international exposure so they can immediately contribute to a global marketplace.

3.) Leadership

By serving in a leadership role in a Cal Poly club or organization, or working as an Orfalea Student Leader, to develop the guidance, team-building, and collaborative skills future executives will require.