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When Cal Poly student Eddy Trang ventured to China in 2013 as part of BUS 304: Establishing International Supply Chains, the experience awakened a passion for travel in him that has yet to subside. Since then, he complemented his business administration degree and management concentration with minors in history and Asian studies for a career in international business.

Trang recently earned a highly sought-after Critical Language Scholarship from the U.S. Department of State. After graduation he travels to Malang, Indonesia, for two months of immersive cultural and linguistic study. Here’s a look at what he hopes to bring along as he sets off for the next chapter of his life.

Cal Poly ShirtCal Poly T-Shirts: These will be gifts for my host family and tutors. Whenever I travel, I like to bring along gifts to share part of where I come from.





JournalJournal: To keep track of my thoughts. The more I travel, the more people I meet, the more things I see, and the more I learn — all of which are valuable and worth recording.





PassportPassport: I’ve had a chance to travel to 13 countries as a Cal Poly student, so I can’t wait to add a few more stamps! After Indonesia, I’m going to study in China!





Cell PhoneSmartphone: A smartphone will be key for not only navigating my way around the country, but also for translating Indonesian words and phrases.





Rainbow Sandals and LaptopLaptop: This has everything: music, photos, and a way to get in touch with my friends and family back home in San Jose. It’s also a way for me to keep up with news on ESPN and Sports Illustrated. I helped manage the Cal Poly Men’s Basketball team, so I can’t imagine being out of the loop for too long.

Rainbow Sandals: I wear these almost all the time at Cal Poly. Because Malang is similar to San Luis Obispo in temperature (besides the humidity), it is an item that will remind me of home.

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