Prospective Students

Course Offerings

BUS 463 is offered Fall, Winter, and Spring as well as limited employment opportunities over Summer with Professor Lisa Sperow, J.D. The course is offered to senior accounting students who meet the pre-requisites. If you are interested in enrolling for any quarter, please e-mail Professor Sperow at

Clinic Objective

A true Learn by Doing experience, students provide representation to eligible taxpayers who have post-filing controversies with the IRS. Students also serve the community by providing public outreach and education on the tax issues that arise in our clinic.

Course Objective

This course is split into two phases. The first two weeks are dedicated to lecture, while the rest of the term is used for clinic work.

From this course, students:

  • Obtain an essential understanding of federal tax procedure
  • Exercise professional judgment in representing clients
  • Learn to use electronic databases for tax research
  • Gather all the necessary information when building the case for a client
  • May continue working with the client, even after the senior project is completed
  • Can utilize their experience and skills to become a Team Leader in the clinic for following quarters


Students should have completed BUS 320 to enroll in the LITC. BUS 417 and VITA are helpful but not required. Instructor permission is required for enrollment, so please contact Professor Sperow at with inquiries.

“What I really enjoyed about the clinic is its application of Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing”. I worked directly with clients to help them settle their tax controversies. We even went on a field trip to the California Tax Court!” – Rory Van Wickle, Orfalea College of Business student