Industrial Technology Minor

Cal Poly’s minor in industrial technology offers a broad choice of courses in technology, design, operations and supply chain offered through the Orfalea College of Business. These courses provide supplemental knowledge and skills for nontechnical majors who wish to excel in a position related to operations.

How do students apply or declare the minor?

1. Review the one-page minor application.
2. Enter classes already taken with quarter and grade.
3. Enter courses you intent to take and quarter to complete the minor.
4. Review your application with the Industrial Technology and Packaging Area chair or professor assigned to advise the industrial technology minor.
5. Upon agreement with the minor advisor, you and the advisor sign the application.
6. Please email Javier De la Fuente () with your IT minor application.
7. Complete the courses required for the minor.

Note: The application is a “plan;” as such, it can change. Changes to the plan do not have to be approved by the advisor. A degree audit by the Registrar at the time of your graduation will determine if you have met the minimum requirement to receive the minor.

Who should take this minor?

The minor is open to all university students outside of the industrial technology major; business administration, materials engineering, agribusiness and architecture students pursue the minor. Students should take the minor if they want to enhance their career opportunities with knowledge in technology, design, operations, and supply chain. Skill in process analysis and problem solving is emphasized. The college suggests that students start taking minor courses no later than the first quarter of the junior year.

What kinds of careers will this minor support?

Operations involve the core value delivery processes for an organization. As such most, if not all, other functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, and general management interface with operations in some way. An exposure to the workings of the operations function is useful for careers in other functions. In addition,since all functions use processes, skills in process analysis and problem solving are directly applicable in all careers.


The details of the minor curriculum can be located at

After reviewing the minor application, contact Area Chair Javier De la Fuente ()