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Master of Science in Packaging Value Chain

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Master of Science in Packaging Value Chain

Packaging continues to grow beyond being a support function to a strategic business function aimed at creating value. As a business function, packaging spans the entire range of a packaged goods company’s activities and brings the holistic agenda to the table. In doing so, it becomes the tactical enabler that helps other functions deliver benefits to the consumer. Strategically considered, packaging incorporates procurement, R&D, marketing, sales, sustainability and plays a role in defining margins and profitability. The future trends and drivers for development of packaging supply chain models imply big shifts in the production system that will demand ‘more and different’ from packaging across the value chain. The industry is forecast to be worth $998 billion in 2020.

Cal Poly’s 100-percent online M.S. in Packaging Value Chain degree program can be completed in 12-15 months. Graduates will develop competencies in the substantive packaging and related business acumen that can be directly applied in the workplace. The intent of the program is to provide working professionals with opportunities to assume leadership roles and advance their careers. Through interdisciplinary curriculum, students will gain valuable expertise in packaging’s interface with data analytics, design, marketing, finance, supply chain, operations and statistics. Each course is developed to engage students in the latest developments in the relevant topics through collaborative online discussions involving case studies, solving real-life problems, and interacting with professionals from the industry. Students will participate in practical exercises related to topics for each of the courses.

The master’s in Packaging Value Chain online coursework is around the critical skills, knowledge, theories, and abilities required to master the value addition potential of packaging in the global markets. The curriculum is designed to incorporate activities carried out to create value for all players in the packaging value chain. It embraces the relevant disciplines of packaging science and technology, data analytics, design, marketing, finance, supply chain, operations and quantitative analysis.

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