International Travel

The strength of the Orfalea College of Business goes beyond textbooks and tuition. To fully understand the global economy, your contribution will enable Cal Poly business students to acquire and apply their skills in an international context by studying abroad or venturing on an Orfalea International Business Tour. Essentials like travel costs, boarding fees and living expenses will no longer be a barrier to this life-changing experience for our students. While immersed in new languages, cultures and business practices alongside an international cohort, students can become more conscientious leaders open to the possibilities the world has to offer.Supporting the Orfalea College of Business’ international scholarships will continue to attract leading companies to recruit well-traveled and globally-minded students for fulfilling careers around the world. Your generosity empowers Orfalea College of Business students to fully participate in the experiential business education for which Cal Poly is known.

Your donation can support:

Student industry tours of international firms and employers

Student travel scholarships

Questions? Contact the Orfalea College of Business Dean’s Office. | 805-756-2705