About | Global Business Leaders

The Global Business Leaders Initiative challenges every student within the Orfalea College of Business to engage in high impact, meaningful experiences across three areas, focusing on career readiness through internships/entrepreneurship, study abroad experiences, and leadership roles on campus.

Through this immersive and diverse initiative—shaped by Cal Poly’s core tenant of Learn by Doing and designed to go beyond the classroom—we hope to create urbane, culturally-attuned, and community-oriented business leaders prepared to cross-pollinate, work, and thrive as they chart the global business environment of tomorrow.

Career Readiness

Practical, hands-on experience is invaluable. Through internship opportunities or hired part-time positions, we ask students to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. Going even further, we encourage them to participate in programs like the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship Summer Accelerator, a 13-week incubator designed to help them take their start-up ideas from concept to reality.

A Global Mindset

The ability to work within a variety of cultural settings is crucial in today’s global business community. Enrolling in a study abroad program, joining an Orfalea College of Business International Tour, or providing humanitarian aid or participating in service work are the perfect gateways for providing the cultural awareness and international exposure that our students need to immediately contribute to a global marketplace.


Serving in a leadership role on campus teaches students to embrace challenges, adapt within fluid environments, and to lead by example so that others will follow. Opportunities for students to embrace this part of the initiative include assuming in a leadership role with a Cal Poly club or organization, or working as an Orfalea Student Leader.



Questions? Contact the Orfalea College of Business Dean’s Office.
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